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Frequently asked questions regarding a reservation

How to book?
You send us the completed reservation form (under the button "Info / reservations") after which we lease a forward. You for signature by email You sign this agreement and return it. After we have received your deposit, the reservation is final.

What are the payment terms?
When booking you make a deposit of 30% of the total rent, the balance is due 6 weeks before the rental period must be paid.

How to pay
You can pay by bank transfer. You can not pay with a credit card.

Can cancel a reservation?
If you should need to cancel a reservation, you are the cancellation fee. We recommend that you always connect a cancellation insurance. This insurance can close simultaneously with your reservation (see the reservation form).

What are the cancellation fees?
- Cancellation more than 90 days before rental period: 10% of the rent with a minimum of 150.00;
- Cancellation between the 90th and 60th days before rental period: 25% of the rent with a minimum of 150.00;
- Cancellation between the 59th and 30th days before rental period: 50% of the rent;
- Cancellation between the 29th and 7th days before rental period: 75% of the rent;
- Cancellation within 7 days before rental period: 100% of the rent;

When you receive your travel documents?
Your voucher + directions you receive when the entire rental amount is met. The voucher you must hand it to the manager on arrival.

Arrival and departure times
On the day of commencement of the rental period, the leased property at the disposal of the tenant from 15:00. The house on the day of departure to be abandoned. 10:00

Maximum number of people per dwelling
The leased property may limit specified by it on this website and number of people occupied in the lease terms. An exception can be made for no more than 2 babies / small children who sleep in a crib, however, this should be stated upon booking.

The damage accommodation insurance
You are obliged to take out this insurance. Namely your liability insurance does not cover damages that are caused to eigndommen of others when using these or borrow, whether or not for payment. The premium amounts to 1.5% of the rent (+7.5% insurance tax policy costs and 3.50). Payment will be made if the insured for damages, and it is higher than 25. The maximum payout is 2,500 per lease. Click here for terms and conditions.

Should there be a deposit to be paid?
The manager of the accommodation can stay at the commencement of the tenant demand a deposit of 500 per property. If the deposit is not immediately met, the administrator is entitled to deny. Tenant and / or other users access to and use of the home If the tenant fails to pay the deposit, Sun and Snow is also entitled to rescind (cancel). Lease with immediate effect The deposit, or any remainder after deducting excessive cleaning and / or damages, will be refunded by the administrator at the end of stay.

Are you obliged to conclude a contract? Travel insurance
This insurance is not mandatory, but are recommended by us. Sun and Snow allows you to connect. These policies simultaneously with your reservation off Sun and Snow for the insurance partner of "The ETI".

Click here for terms and conditions of the insurance.
Click here for the conditions of the cancellation.

What are the lease terms?
The terms and conditions can be downloaded here. This on the rental conditions for Alfa house, however, subject to the permitted number of persons they are identical. For other homes