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Lipno lake Czech Republic

Lake Lipno is 30 miles long and is very much a place of contrasts, combining beautiful landscape and nature with water sports activities which makes it a perfect holiday destination.

Due to frequent flooding and subsequent damage, the Vltava River in Southern Bohemia was problematic for Český Krumlov and other settlements situated on it. To harness the power of the river, and to prevent continued catastrophe, it was decided that a hydroelectric plant would be built high on the Vltava. Preparatory work at the town of Lipno began in 1951. The dam was completed in 1960.

After the Lipno dam was build in the river the Vltava, the 30 miles long Lipno Lake came into being and with it the largest lake in the Czech Republic.
The Lipno Lake is especially well known for its many aquatic sports possibilities. Here it is delightful to go sailing, wind surfing, water skiing or canoeing. There are also organized boat trips.

Because the Lipno Lake is located at an altitude of 725 meters above sea level, the water freezes quickly during wintertime. The lake creates tremendous opportunities for iceskaters.

Some facts about the Lipno lake.
- The lake is located at an altitude of 725 m above sea level
- It covers an area of approximately 4,870 hectares
- The lake is 48 km long and up to 5 km wide with a total shoreline length of 150 km
- The deepest point of the lake y is 25 m, the average depth is 6.5 m

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